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BadgerLink: Wisconsin’s Connection to world of Information is the one stop shopping resource available to all Wisconsin residents. The one source you need to know to go to first for authoritative information online and for research purposes is BadgerLink. Whether it is newspaper archives, full text magazines, automotive repair manuals, health and medical resources, kids school research, online encyclopedia, genealogy research, and more, it is all here for you to access.

Who should use this resource?

Kids looking for authoritative sources for school work.
Anyone wanting to repair their car.
Anyone starting our genealogical research.
Anyone Looking up health and medical information and is overwhelmed online.
Anyone looking for business resources and published information.
Kids looking to search Encyclopedia Britannica.
Adults trying to find similar authors to the one they just finished.
Teachers looking for discussion suggestions for grade school kids.

And most importantly, anyone looking for information about a subject or topic available in articles from magazines, newspapers and journals.

Why is it great?

Very simply, BadgerLink has it all and should be your go to resource online.

Great and Secret Features:

NoveList is a great resource for finding books similar to the author or title you just read. Find your current author or titles and then follow links to comparable books and authors. It can open up a whole new world of reading for you. There are links to book discussion guides, award winning books and recommended reads among other great services.

It is also available for K-8.

Where can I get it?

Click the link to get started: BadgerLink.

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