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A Seed Library works just like a regular library. Yes, you can “borrow” seeds for free! You may be asking, “How can you ‘borrow’ seeds?” The basic idea is that you plant the seeds, let some of the harvest go to seed, then return some of these next generation seeds for others to borrow for the next year’s planting. (Don’t worry, we don’t have fines if you don’t return seeds.)

We have three drawers to choose from: Super Easy, Easy, and Difficult. Anyone may take any of these seeds and plant them, but we encourage home gardeners to save seeds from the “super easy” plants to begin with: tomatoes, lettuce, beans, peas and peppers. (Some extra know-how needed for peppers.) We do not recommend saving seeds from plants in the “easy” or “difficult” drawer until you have more experience in seed saving.

Our Seed Library is a non-profit seed lending library located in the WJ Niederkorn Library of Port Washington, WI. We’ll be open whenever the WJN Library is open. You do not need to have a library card to use the seed library, but we do ask patrons to watch our on-line orientation.  We will also be providing free classes on organic gardening and seed saving, composting, starting seeds and cooking classes, and of course, you can also borrow books from the public library on these topics. With a generous donation from the Port Washington Garden Club, we were also able to purchase several gardening DVDs. As we grow, the SHSL will also become a source of book and DVD donations to the WJN library.

The Seven Hills Seed Library is a community based organization, with our local patrons and fellow gardeners utilizing and donating our seeds. The Library is open to all of the surrounding counties and to Wisconsin as a whole.

We also are aiming to link up with other Wisconsin seed libraries to share information and supplies. If you know of other libraries offering these services, please encourage them to contact us!

In addition to our website, our Facebook and Pinterest pages are other sources that showcase our fundamentals of growing for health, fun and sustainability. Please LIKE our page to get updates on classes, new books and DVDs, growing tips, personal stories and info on new seeds!

Port Washington, Wisconsin, is located on the shores of Lake Michigan, situated equally between the larger cities of Milwaukee and Sheboygan. In 1833, town founder Worchester (Wooster) Harrison coined the phrase “Little City of Seven Hills,” but Port Washington didn’t become the official name of the city until 1846. To this day, residents are familiar with the city’s Seven Hills:


  • Sweet Cake Hill
  • Billy Goat Hill
  • Hill School Hill
  • High School Hill
  • St. Mary’s Hill
  • North Bluff (Upper Lake Park)
  • South Hill

All Our Seed Library Events and Gardening Events are on our Adult Special Events Calendar.

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