Frequently Asked Questions


Library Cards

How do I get a library card?

Bring photo ID and proof of local residency (can be listed on your ID or on a piece of mail such as a utility bill) and stop by the Check-out Desk to fill out a brief form. For those under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must be present in order to receive a library card. Your library card gives you access to thousands of print and digital materials! Want to start the process right now? Apply for your library card online!

How old do you have to be to get a library card?

We will issue cards to anyone – infants through seniors. Children under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian present to sign their form.

What if I lost my library card?

Replacement library cards cost $3.00. We recommend taking a photo of your library barcode and number and saving it in your phone. This photo can serve as a your library card. (Pro tip: Download the free Monarch2Go app to store your library barcode directly in the app!)  

Can I still check out items if I forgot my library card?

We will still check out items to you if you have valid photo ID along. We prefer that you have your library card, but we know that these things happen. (Pro tip: Download the free Monarch2Go app to store your library barcode directly in the app!) 

Can I pick up a held library item on behalf of someone else?

If you have the other person’s library card along, yes, you may pick up their items. If you don’t have their card, your library accounts will have to be officially linked in order to be able to pick up their items. This is for privacy purposes. If you’re interested in linking accounts, please have both interested parties stop by a service desk. If you’re a parent/legal guardian, you may link accounts with your child under age 16 without them being present.

Library Account / Fines

What’s my library PIN?

Your PIN will default to the last four digits of your phone number when you first register for a card. However, you may change your PIN to whatever you’d like by logging into your account via MonarchCat.org and going to “My Record,” then “Change Logon” (don’t forget to click save!).

How do I renew an item?

You may login to your library account online, use the Monarch2Go app, or call us at 262-284-5031 to renew items. If there is someone else waiting for the item, you will not be allowed to renew it. Lucky Day items may also not be renewed. For a regular item that does not have a wait list for it, you may renew up to two times.

What are the fines for late returns?

Book / Audiobook / CD / Magazine fines are $0.10 per day; DVD / Blu-Ray fines and Library of Things items are $0.25 per day. Adventure Passes are $10 per day. There are no fines for e-materials (they return themselves when they’re due!).

Can I pay with a credit or debit card?

Yes, we accept cash/coins, check, debit, or credit card payments. For debit and credit card payments, it must be at least a $5.00 payment. You may pay your fines in person at the Check-out Desk or via your online library account.

What happens if I lose a book?

By signing your library card application, you agree to being responsible for items that you check out. If these items are lost, damaged, or returned with missing pieces, you will be charged the cost to replace the item plus a $5.00 service fee. We typically wait about 5 weeks before you will be charged because often times lost items do surface (did you check under the seats of your car?).

What is the maximum number of items I can check out at a time?

The limit is 100 items per cardholder. With our Lucky Day items (popular materials that are non-holdable), you may have 2 Lucky Day books and 1 Lucky Day DVD or Blu-ray checked out at a time per library card. You may have 10 DVDs/Blu-rays total checked out at a time per library card (counting the 1 Lucky Day DVD/Blu-ray). Limit of 1 Adventure Pass per household at a time.

What is the maximum number of items I can have held at one time?

The limit is 25 items held at one time per cardholder. Of these 25 holds, 10 of them may be DVDs/Blu-rays.

Internet / Computers

Do you have free Wi-Fi?

Sure do! Network: PT-Library-WiFi. Password: Sunshine. This login info is posted around the library also. WiFi also works from our library parking lot and lawn, which we call ‘curbside WiFi,’ available 24/7.

How old do you have to be to use the computers?

To login to our adult internet stations you must be 18 years or older, unless a parent or guardian gives permission. There are youth computers in the Children’s Library that children under 13 years may use with parent or guardian supervision.

Can someone help me use a computer?

Our library staff are available to answer basic computer questions. If you need more in-depth help, please schedule a Tech Time appointment with a librarian. You may do this in person, by calling 262-284-5031, or email Adult Services Librarian Alyssa Strzyzewski at astrzyzewski@monarchlibraries.org.

How much is printing?

$0.25 per side of the page for black & white, and $0.60 per side of the page for color (letter size / regular paper size). Scanning is free. See the full price list here.


Can I rent out the Community Room?

Yes you may! Read more about our Community Room rentals here.

Do you have any job openings?

Being a City of Port Washington Department, all library job openings will be posted on the city website.

How can I volunteer at the library?

We are very grateful for our many wonderful volunteers! To get connected, please contact Library Director Tom Carson at tcarson@monarchlibraries.org or 262-284-5031 or consider joining the Friends of the W.J. Niederkorn Library, contact email niederkornfriends@gmail.com.

Wow, what a nice children’s area! Can I leave my kid here while I go grab a coffee?

Sorry, but no. Children 8 years of age and younger should always be accompanied by a responsible adult (or accompanied by a responsible child who is 9 or older) who is within eyesight of the child. We love having children in the library, but we are here to offer library services — not child care.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes, we have a lost and found at our Upper Floor Check-out Desk. Please stop by or call 262-284-5031 to inquire about items you may have misplaced here.

Do you accept donations? I just cleaned out my basement…

Thank you for thinking of us! We do accept donations of items that are in good condition (no mold, smells, stains, scratched or missing discs, etc.). When you donate your materials, you are also agreeing that we, the library, may choose what we do with them (most often this is either adding it to our library collection or selling them in our Friends of the Library book sale, which supports the library).

Do you have tax forms?

We receive a small amount of printed state and federal tax forms. These are free for the public to take while supplies last. Some forms are now only available online. Library staff may assist you with printing these forms (at no cost). You may also request to have forms and instruction booklets mailed directly to your residence for free. Learn more at irs.gov and revenue.wi.gov.

Do you offer exam proctoring?

Yes! We do offer free exam proctoring. Appointments must be made at least a week in advance for this service. To set up an appointment, contact Assistant Library Director Rosalia Slawson at rslawson@monarchlibraries.org or 262-284-5031.

Do you have a notary public?

No, unfortunately at this time we do not have a notary public available. We recommend trying a bank or UPS Store instead.