Privacy Policy

What information do you collect?

Contact Forms

WJN Library collects information about it’s users through the contact forms on the site. These forms are used to collect requests from library members and patrons for materials or suggestions.

Anonymous User Interaction Data

WJN Library also collects anonymous data and analytics around how users are interacting with through Google Analytics and WordPress.

How do you use the information?

Contact Forms

The information collected from forms is sent via email to library staff members for processing.

WJN Library may use the this data for it’s own research purposes in materials and events its patrons are interested in. This helps the library provide the best materials and events possible to its members.

Anonymous User Interaction Data

Interaction data is used to analyze how users are interaction with This data is then used to improve the experience for library members.

What information do you share?

None. WJN Library does not share any information gathered through